Our hotel is located in the foothills of f the Sierra Nevada Natural Park in the Alpujarra Granadina town of Orgiva where the tributary Chico and Seco rivers join the Guadalfeo.

In a green plain between lemon, orange and olive trees, Orgiva is the prelude to the charismatic ‘pueblos’ or villages of the Alpujarra, some of them on the list of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

In The Alpujarra and its surroundings there are unique and special places, , almost magical, that you will never forget. From lookout spots with breathtaking panoramic views , to caves, rivers and fountains that make water the protagonist of our environment. 

The Alpujarra region is also full of spectacular villages with great personality and a history and aesthetic deeply marked by the time when the Moors inhabited these lands. Here you will find towns as unique as:

Capileira y Bubión

Capiléira, set into the mountainside, overlooks the Veleta in the Barranco de Poqueira with sublime views over the valley, is even included on the list of the most beautiful towns in Spain… Nearby, Bubion is a paradise for lovers of Arab history: a small white town suspended in the Poqueira Barranco and recognized as a ‘slow’ destination in both Andalusia and Spain. Both villages have a large number of paths and roads for lovers of trekking.


This village is located in the ravine of the Poqueira:, it is one of the most picturesque villages in the Alpujarra with its white terraced houses s and flowerpotss full of geraniums. The village has narrow lanes with irrigation channels that divide the streets in tow, and there are craft and fabric shops to entertain you.

Pitres y Trévelez

Pitres is a small village close to the Sierra Nevada Park, where you can discover and enjoy its springs and fountains and tinaos (gorgeous balconies filled with flower pots?). From here there are many hiking trails along old paths and forest tracks that lead to rivers, springs and ancient chestnut trees.

Through one of these and crossing the Acequia Real from Castaras, we can walk at a good pace to Trevelez, entering the heart of theSierra Nevada natural park . Trevelez is located on the northern slopes of the Sierra Nevada at an altitude of 1476 m above sea level, making it one of the highest villages in Spain.

Nestled in the foothills of Mulhacen, it enjoys the fresh, clean air with which it cures its famous and precious hams.
Trevelez is divided into three distinct areas; it is also the ideal place for hiking.