Disinfection and cleaning measures in rooms

We have decided to remove ornaments, accessories and textiles such as cushions, curtains, bed covers and any other elements that make deep cleaning difficult for your arrival. All our furniture comes with straight lines and is easy to clean with quality products to guarantee a thorough disinfection.

Our bedding is sent to industrial laundries in the area to guarantee compliance with all the established protocols for proper disinfection and hygiene.

Dining areas and terraces

In the dining area and terraces for breakfasts, we make sure to keep the distance between tables and people. We have large areas set up for you to have breakfast in peace and with the greatest security. On days when the weather permits, which are many in spring and summer, you can have breakfast outdoors or on our garden terrace. Clearly, we have no space problems with this.

Hygiene and protection measures in the outdoor area and the pool

The pool and our gardens are contained within a large area, in comparison with the few rooms we have. You will therefore find here an exclusivity difficult to find anywhere else

Gel dispensers

In the common communal areas you will find disinfectant gel dispensers so that you can maintain the hygiene of your hands