The story began more than 30 years ago, with a farm of 15.000 m2 in the Vega de Orgiva t the foot of the Sierra Nevada, a blackberry farm by the Guadalfeo river with stunning views of the Sierra Lujar

The projectstarted from scratch with the construction of new buildings – based on the traditional granadina construction for the main house, and Alpujarreña-style construction for the different modules of the hotel. All was built in harmony with the environment.

During the months of construction we also put a lot of effort into our garden, turning it into an orchard, where we planted a variety of fruit and olive trees that stillto this day supply our pantries with natural products.
They were months of hard work and great effort so that finally, on July 22,1994, the Hotel Taray Botanico opened its doors and became our Little Paradise in the midste of nature, our home and our workplace, a place where we could meet with our clients and friends whenever we wanted (?).

Since then, Eladio and Mariangeles have accompanied you on all your special getaways and summer vacations, taking care that everything was as you wanted. Now there are new members to the family and we are sure that each one of them will play their part in helping you enjoy your stay. The Hotel Taray Botánico combines family values, a love of nature, the delicacy of small details, peace, silence, the simplicity of things, consistency and a job well done.

Yes, they were intense years, involving a lot of work, sharing moments andexperiences; we needed to rest, but now we are here again…. And we are waiting for you. Welcome to your home once more …